TSU-Powder Characteristics Tester - Vibrating Angle of Repose Testers

Powder Characteristic measuring instrument ABD-100

It is most suitable for comprehensive evaluation of powder and granule properties (including repose angle, density and dispersibility), comparison of fluidity, management of product quality, and physical property test of research institute.

  1. A variety of measurement functions in one machine.
  2. Easy to operate.
  3. Precision tank and sliding angle design
  4. Digital display and control
  1. Bulk Density:

Dense filling bulk density (g/ml) =

Sample Weight(g) after tapping

Sample container capacity 100 ml


  1. Degree of compaction:

Degree of compaction (%) =

Dense filling bulk density-Non dense filling bulk density


Dense filling bulk density


  1. Degree of dispersion:

Degree of dispersion (%) =

Sample Weight-weight of sample remaining on dish


Sample Weight


  1. Differential angle:

Differential angle = Static angle of repose – collapse angle

Static angle of repose: The static angle of repose is measured when the powder is stacked to the highest.

*Collapse angle: The angle of repose of the flow is measured after the body has accumulated to the highest and collapsed.

Main Body Include: (1) Measuring the angle of repose and body density (2) Measuring dispersion
Power Supply 100V 50VA 50Hz/60Hz
Weight 16Kg
Measuring Disc ø60mm,ø80mm
Sample Tank 100ml
Sifting Screen
Nozzle ø4mm ø10mm
Tapping Tapping amplitude: 20mm, 60tpm