TTRI- Air Filter Testing Equipment - Filtration media / Mask material Test Rig

Face Masks Differential Pressure Tester

The Face Mask Differential Pressure Tester is suit for air flow resistance testing and differential pressure testing for textile materials and face masks. Testing method: According with the ASTM F299, EN 14683 and CN 14777(Taiwan).


 Flow meter:   LED Digital type
 Pressure indicator:   LED Digital type
 Maximum flow rate:   20 L/min
 Max. Static pressure:   20 mm H2O/cm2
 Flow control:   Manual, with metering valve
 Test sample area:   4.9 cm2
 Sample clamp type:   Pneumatic air cylinder type


Utility Requirements:

 Ambient Pressure:   75 to 110kPa (absolute)
 Amient Temperature:   10℃ to 35℃
 Hummidity:   0% to 95% (non-condensing)
 Compressed Air (optional):   7 kg/cm2, 7 SCFM / 550kPa, 198 SLPM 
 Power:   Single phase 110V/220V, 0.7KW