TSU-Powder Characteristics Tester - Vibrating Angle of Repose Testers

Electromagnetic vibration repose-angle tester AOR-14

Through electromagnetic vibration, powder would be scattered from the hanging sample tank and piled up on the measuring disc. Then we can know the angle data which is measured by attached angle meter.

  1. Combining injection method, discharge method, residual cone method, Crater method, tilt method, etc.
  2. AOR-14 can measure all powder whether it is Non-flowable powder with high adhesion and coagulation or fluid powder.
  3. There are 3 types of Nozzles (ø4, 6, 8mm) that are interchangeable. It would be a certain height between the top of the stack and nozzles, so the test accuracy is high.
  4. The vibration of the sample tank and the outflow of the sample can be adjusted.
  5. The angle of repose will also change as the diameter of the stage base changes. The base of the stage is available in 60, 80, 100mm(3 type is interchangeable).
  6. The sample tank is approximately 150 ml / 500 μm. The mesh with smaller or larger holes can be selected according to the fluidity of the sample.
Vibration Adjustment
Level 0~10  
Acceleration 0.5G~5G
Upper sample tank 75øxH45mm, 500µm (Standard accessory), Stainless steel
Lower sample tank 75øxH20mm, 500µm (Standard accessory), Stainless steel
Nozzle 3 Types (4mmø, 6mmø, 8mmø)
Measuring Disc 3 Types(60mmø,80mmø,100mmø)
Lift Up/Down Sliding Adjustment Handle
Power Supply AC100V, 35VA
Standard Accessories

Electronic Angle Meter, Testing Platform, Spoon, Brush, Cable