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Convenient Bubble Point Tester ABPT-20A

The bubble point test detects minor filter defects and also out-of-size pores and correlates with passage of un-wanted particles through the barrier. Bubble point tests tell you if the non-woven or filter media is in good agreement with OEM supplier or meet the specifications of your customer. Bubble Point Test is non-destructive and can be used on-site in a on-line production environment. And this tester is often used as direct monitoring method for integrity. QC/QA use bubble point test as a fingerprinting test to de determine performance of filter media and non-wovens. The PMI Bubble Point Tester conforms to ASTM 316.

  • Wetting liquid like Water, Mineral Oil, Alcohol, Galwick, Silwick, Porewick can be used
  • Testing duration of ~ 1 minute, data display on screen
  • Use any non-corrosive pressurizing gas including air
  • Portable light weight unit with small 12” X 12” X6” footprint
  • Can be clamped on a sample or sample can be put on the BP Tester directly
  • Multiple Sample Tests possible in advance version
  • Ideal for non-wovens, filter media, filter cartridges, membranes, separators, and other porous materials

The sample of the material to be tested is soaked in a liquid that spontaneously fills the pores in the sample. Gas under pressure is applied on one side of the sample. When the gas pressure is increased, the gas empties the largest pores of liquid at a certain level of pressure and gas begins to flow through the sample. The pressure at which the gas starts to flow through the sample is known as the bubble point pressure. Bubble point pore diameter is related to the pressure and surface tension of the liquid by the following relation:

D = 4 γ Cos θ/ p

D= Pore Diameter
γ= Interfacial Surface Tension of Wetting Liquid
Cos θ= Contact Angle of the Liquid
p= Differential Gas Pressure

♦Hard Ware:

Test Pressure Range

 0〜20 PSI (Other pressure requirements are available)

Pore Size Range

 40μm〜0.3μm(Other requirements are available)

Sample Chamber Design  Can be clamped on a sample or sample can be put on the BP Tester directly, suit for dia.25mm sample.
Test Data

 Bubble Point (Maximum pore size)

Pressure Gauge


Flow Meter

 0〜100 cc/min