ChemRe System- Reactor - Catatest Reactor

Catatest Reactor R-301

When the feed gas passes through the solid catalyst layer, the particles of the catalyst are stationary, so the thermal conductivity of the bed is not good, and the temperature distribution of the bed may be uneven. Accordingly, the reactor must be designed to ensure good gas-solid contact, and includes a supply / take away the heat, and the reaction can be performed at a suitable temperature. Usually the reaction bed is difficult to maintain isothermal, so most fixed bed reactors are non-isothermal reactors. The non-isothermal reactor is further divided into adiabatic variable temperature type and non-adiabatic temperature change type.

  • Metal material tank, for high temperature and high pressure using, acid and alkali resistant design.
  • This model is designed to test catalyst reaction, performance, conversion, kinetics and reactivation in a continuous flow mode at various temperatures and pressures.
  • Customized design according to requirements, such as fixed bed with fluidized bed reaction system.
  • Software remote control system for remote monitoring of reaction processes.
  • FT Reaction (Fischer Tropsch Synthesis)
  • WGS Reaction (water-gas shift reaction)
  • Hydrogen Production
  • Methanation
  • Degradation (Short, Long term)
  • Syngas Production, Treating Proces

Reactor Capacity

5ml ~ 10L

Temp. Range

-35 ~ 1200℃

Pressure Range

(Depending on the Vessel)

Vacuum ~ 413 bar

Control Box



Electric heater, Furnace


304SS, 316SS, Hastelloy C-276, Inconel, Titanium, Quartze…etc

Contorl Type

Manual operation or fully automatic computer control

Closure Type

Bolt type, VCR type, HP Thread type

Others Components

Mass flow controller, Liquid metering pump, Dry/Wet flow meter, Condenser, Separater...