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Water Intrusion Porosimeter / Aquapore

Aquapore (Water Intrusion Porosimeter) is developed by PMI and can be used to measuring polymer film, small solids and powder samples. The pore structure characteristics, such as the porosity, the pore volume, the pore size distribution, and the pore volume distribution of the through pore and the blind pore. It is a more special and safer application than the current mercury intrusion meter, so it is the safest and most accurate Porosimeter.

• Uses no toxic materials like mercury
• Completely automated windows based simple operation
• An order of magnitude lower intrusion pressure compared with mercury intrusion & minimal distortion of pore structure
• Much less expensive instrument compared with mercury intrusion porosimeter pore diameter range from 20 to 0.002 microns

Aquapore is a liquid intrusion porosimeter used for hydrophobic pores. Water does not wet hydrophobic pores. Intrusion of water into pores occurs on application of pressure.
Measured intrusion volume of water yields pore volume and measured intrusion pressure yields pore diameter.

p = 4 γ cos θ /D

p = differential pressure on water
γ = surface tension of water
θ = contact angle of water
D = pore diameter


• Pore volume
• Pore diameter
• Pore volume distribution
• Hydrophobic through process
• Hydrophobic blind pore

♦ Hardware:

Sample Volume
30cc or others volume requirement can design
Pressure Range 0 ~ 30000 psia, other pressure availible
Maximum Pore Size 200 microns
Miniimum Pore Size

2nm (Depending on test pressure and contact angle)

Pressurized Fluid

Water and other liquids that are non-affinitive to the material can be used

Sample Chamber Single or Duel chamber
Pressure Transducer

Low pressure transducer (100/500/1000/2000/3000 psia)

High pressure transducer (2000/3000/5000/10000/20000/30000 psi)

Pressure range is designed according to customer test requirements

Low pressure station awitch to high pressure station method Fully automatic switching without manual operation. Automatic control of internal valve parts

♦ Software:

  • Use USB connection and operating system for Windows 7/8/10

  • Test mode with automatic test and manual operation

  • Report software: display, print and convert to Excel file or original data file

  • Multi-data file analysis and comparison

  • Curve modification and baseline correction

✓ Graph Output:

  • Pore Volume x Diameter
  • Delta Volume Histogram
  • % Total Pore Volume
  • Pore Distribution (By Pressure or Diameter)
  • Pore Distribution Histogram
  • Pore Volume and Distribution
  • % Porosity
  • DIN Pore Volume
  • Frequency Distribution
  • Other Option: Density、CapSat Permeability、CapSat Volume vs Time、Cumulative Pore Length、Cumulative Surface Area

✓ Data Output:

  • Porosimetry Text Data
  • Summary Sheet
  • Show Extrusion Data
  • Tortuosity and Permeability