ChemRe System- Reactor - High Pressure Reactor

High Pressure Reactor (Stirred Type) R-201

The high pressure reactor is suitable for the research application and program control of high temperature and high pressure chemical reactions in various laboratories today. The main function of the reactor is to control various conditions in the reaction process, such as pressure, temperature, volume, residence time, concentration of each reactant, reaction rate, heat transfer coefficient, stirring rate and other parameters, as well as a chemical reaction vessel as a reactant.

- The vessel of R-101, R-201 Series Reactor is metal.
- General Max. Pressure : 414 Bar (6000 psig)
- General Max. Temperature : 500℃
- General Capacity: 100ml~500L
- R-101, R-111, R-201 & 211 Series Reactors are designed to select between the metal vessel & glass vessel. And these are designed to move vessel by pressure cylinder easily.

  • Hydrothermal (Synthesys, Reaction, Crystallization, Precipitation, Oxidation, Decomosition)
  • Hydrosis
  • Pyrolysis
  • Hydrogenation, Dehydrogenation
  • CO2 Foaming, Composite Materials

Reactor Capacity

50ml ~ 500L

Temp. Range

-35 ~ 600℃

Pressure Range

(Depending on the Vessel)

Vacuum ~ 413 bar

Control Box



Electric heater, Jacket type

Agitator Type

Lip seal, Mechanical seal, Magnetic drive, etc.

Agitator RPM

30 rpm~1750 rpm (could be upto 3,000rpm)

Impeller Type

Paddle, SBT, PBT, Anchor, Hellical...etc.


304SS, 316SS, Hastelloy C-276, Inconel, Titanium…etc

Contorl Type

Manual operation or fully automatic computer control

Closure Type

Clamp, Gland, Bolt type, Air cylinder (Automation)


Screw, Air cylinder, Motor lifting