TSU-Powder Characteristics Tester - Micro Granule Maker

Desktop Granule Maker KAR-130

The instrument is a granular powder manufacturing machine that uses a rotary impeller to extrude a wet powder from a sample tank into a granular shape. The shape of the particles is cylindrical or irregular. It’s easy to make 0.5mm~5mm particles by replacing different sample slots. It is widely used in research and production of food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, feed fertilizers, pesticides, etc.

√ It can be divided into the following three types:

♦Micro Type Granule Maker


For Experiment & Research

♦Desktop Type Granule Maker


For Experiment、Research and Small amount of production

♦Small Type Granule Maker


Small amount of production


√ In particular, the KAR-75-shaped sample tank is 75 mmø, it can produce small amount of sample (50 to 100 g) efficiently.


√ The rotating impeller can adjust the rotation speed according to sample volume. The impeller, sample tank and bottom groove can be disassembled easily, and it is convenient to wash, clean and repair.

Sample tank

 Diameter: 130mmø

 Hole size: 1mmø(Accessories)

Rotary impeller

 3 blades/impeller


 3~10 rpm(Converter control)

Sample volume

 4~6 kg/h

Power supply

 100V 100VA


 SUS 304


 350mmø x (H)400mm


 Approx. 20kg


 Sample cylinder, Push rod