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Automatic Capillary Flow Porometer

Suitable for the measuring and analysis of pore structures of porous materials such as membrane, paper, non-woven, fabric,cartridge,nanofiber(electrospinning fiber), hollow fiber, PTFE…, asthrough poreconstrict pore(include largest pore size, bubble point, pore size distribution), liquid permeability, gas permeability and pore surface area。

  1. Testing of small samples as well as complete parts

  2. Many sample geometry (Ex: sheets, rods, tubes, hollow fibers, cartridges, and powders)

  3. Use of many wetting liquids (Ex: water, alcohol, Silwick, and Galwick)

  4. Tests in QC, research, or any number of user defined modes

  5. See-through sample chamber available for visual observation

  6. Real-time graphic display

  7. Fully automated and computer controlled


  • Base on Capillary Flow method: ASTM F316-03, F778, D6767-02, BS 3321-1986, 6410
  • Where a non toxic wetting liquid is allowed to spontaneously fill the pores in the sample.
  • place the sample into chamber and a non reacting gas is allowed to displace liquid from pores.


  • As the pressure is increased, more and more smaller pores are progressively emptied. The pressure and flow rate of gas through the emptied pores provides the through pore distribution.
  • The pressure at which through pores empty is inversely proportional to the pore size (according to the Washburm calculation equation).
  • Mean Pore Size
  • Pore Size Distribution
  • Pore Flow % Distribution
  • Pore Number Distribution
  • Bubble Point (the largest through pore throat diameter)
  • Bubble Point Mean flow pore diameter (50% of flow is through pores smaller than the mean flow pore)
  • Pore Surface Area
  • Gas Permeability in many desired units including Frazier, Gurley, Rayl & Darcy
  • Liquid Permeability
  • Diameter of the most constricted part of a through pore (Pore throat)


  • CFP serial:( Different models are available to meet various test pressures and pore size analysis requirements)
  • CFP-1005A、CFP-1020A、CFP-1100A、CFP-1200A、CFP-1500A...
Maximum pore size  500 μm
Minimum pore size
  • 0.06μm (Under 100 psi pressure)
  • 0.03μm (Under 200 psi pressure)
  • 0.013μm (Under 500 psi pressure)
Flow Meter
  • Can be used with 1 to 4 flow meters
  • 0〜1L/min、0〜10L/min、0〜200 SLPM or other range requirements
  • Can be freely select, automatic software switching
Flow Control system Use Motorized valve which the material is stainless steel and for high pressure using.
pressure transducer
  • Can be used with 1 to 4 pressure gauges
  • 5psi/ 100psi/ 200psi/ 500psi or other range requirements
  • Can be freely select, automatic software switching
Sample size Diameter 10mm〜60mm, Thickness from 10 microns to 15 mm, other requirements can be designed separately
Sample Geometries Sheets, rods, tubes, hollow ber, cartridge, powder, etc
Sample Sort Rock, Membrane, Paper, Filter, Non-woven, Nanofiber, Hollow Fiber, PTFE...etc.
Sample Chamber Stainless Steel
Operation Interface for Win XP, Win 7, Win 8及 Win 10
Analysis data Bubble point, Mean flow pore diameter, Pore size distribution, Gas permeability, Pressure hold



  • USB communication and suit for Windows 7/8/10
  • Operation type: with automatic test mode and manual control mode
  • Capillary flow porometry have 4 type: Dry up/Wet up、Wet up/Dry up、Wet up/Dry down、Wet up/Calc. Dry
  • Test Type:
    Capillary Flow Porometry / Bubble Point / Gas Permeability / Pressure Hold test
  • Calibration and adjustment function
  • Autotest Parameter setting

✓ Porometry Text and Graph Report of Single data and Multi Data

✓ Multi Report: up to 10 data sets simultaneously

✓ Reports:

Bubble point, Mean flow pore diameter, Cumulative and Differential Filter Flow%、Flow rate vs Pressure, Fitted pore size distribution vs Diameter, Raw pore size distribution vs Diameter, %Cumulative filter flow vs Diameter, Gas permeability (Darcy, Gurley, Frazier)、Pore size distribution and Cumulative FF, Frequency distribution and Cum. FF, …

✓ Data Output: Raw Text、Table Delimited、Excel (Graph Analysis Inclusive)