[Seminar] 2019.04.20-21 “New Film and New Film Process and Application Seminar” held in Qingdao, China


        The 6th “New Film and New Film Process and Application Seminar” was successfully held in Qingdao, Shandong Province. More than 180 exhibitors and about 255 people participated in this seminar. Our General Manager Kevin Ku and Shanghai Technical manager Tommy Hoo also led the technical team to participate in this event.


        This seminar discussed the development and application of various new membrane products, including new membrane types, new materials, membrane improvement methods and innovations. In the two-day conference, more than 20 well-known membrane experts and related business representatives successively presented the development of new high-temperature resistant ceramic cup polyaryl ether film materials and their applications, "Introduction of hydrogen fluoride fuel cell perfluorinated proton membrane", "The basic research that PTFE hollow fiber react with gas and application in the separation reaction process”, "solution of sea water /drinking water Tempering " and others.


        In the seminar, the academicians and authoritative experts expressed their opinions about current situation and development trend of membrane technology, the hotspots and innovation of membrane technology, membrane materials, and the optimization of industrial structure. It was an important guidance and significance for the future development of the membrane industry.



Photo reference: Shandong Zhaojin Group Company