[Seminar] 2019.05.30 International Conference of Inorganic Membrane Development and Application in Taiwan


     In recent years, the rapid development of high technology such as biotechnology, materials technology, and electronics industry, the importance of precision separation technology, especially filtration technology, is increasing. With the development of science,  technology and environmental awareness, the demand for high quality air and water is becoming more and more.Governments have begun to set protection standards and regulations to strictly control soil, water pollution and emissions, and aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Expect to reduce global warming speed to achieve environmental balance. The demand for a compliant filter product is bound to drive the advancement of manufacturing technology.


    Therefore, our company also participated in the "International Conference of Inorganic Membrane Development and Application" in National Taiwan University on May 30, 2019. This conference invited experts from the field of chemical engineering, especially professor Jerry Lin of Arizona State University. Through this conference, we can know the development trend of chemical engineering, academic and industry forward-looking and important technologies.  Leading the academic cornerstone of standards and increasing the competitiveness of domestic chemical engineering technology in the international arena.


Photo reference: Taiwan Filtration and Separations Society