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   CYI-PMI Porometer



Company Infomation

           Chia Yun Instrument Inc. and Porous Measurement Int'l Ltd. have developed into professional 
 sales and service in Mainland China, Taiwan and South Asia for a variety of great precision instruments
imported from abroad.
           We had experiences of marketing instruments over 30 years, the firm is a sales of five major 
 categories of products, namely Nanotech, Biotech, Membrane Research, Green Power, Water Filtration, Air Filter   
and Water Quality testing instruments and analyzing instruments. 
           We founded an independent customer support department in Taiwan, Shanghai (China) and Kuala Lumpur
( Malaysia ) aimed in solving customers' problems, and any other professional skills. We realize that besides 
providing the best quality products, a continuously and professional after sales services are the best ways to 
maintain system improvement, and the best guarantee for users as well.

 Our Products:

 CYI-PMI Porometer 

                Porometer Series: Fuel Cell GDL, Hollow Fiber, Ultra Filtration, Electrospinning (Nano Fiber),

                                               Polymer membrane, Li-ion Battery Separator, Gore-tex, Cartridge Filter.......

                BET / Sorptometer Series: Physical adsorption, Chemical adsorption, Liquid vapor adsorption

                Porosimeter Series: MIP (Mercury Intrusion), Water Intrusion Porosimeter, Aquapore 

                Permeability Tester Series: Gas Deffusion, Water Vapor Trans, Liquid

                Pycnometer / Density Series: True Density, Bulk Density

                Rock Core Tester: Porosity, Permeability, Core Flooding Permeameter, Core Saturators.....


ChemRe System   (Korea )           

                High Pressure Reactor System

                Catalyst Pilot Plant System

                Fix Bed Catalyst Reactor System

                Fix Bed and Slurry Bed Catalyst Reactor System

                Supercritical Fluid Extraction System

                CIP & HIP , pH Controller System

  TTRITaiwan Textile Research Institute (Taiwan)

                High efficiency air filters test system

                HEPA/ULPA automated filter scanning test system (EN1822-4, EN1822-5 and IEST RP-CC034)

                Test rig according to ASHRAE 52.2 and EN 779

                Test rig according to ISO 11155-1

                Filtration media test rig

                Air Filter Test Service: ASHRAE 52.2; EN 779; EN 1822-4; EN 1822-5; ISO 11155-1; ISO 11155-2;

                       SAE J726 ; ISO 5011; EN 1822-3; TSI 8130



 (The Netherlands)

                Water Quality Testing Instruments

                ProLine Meters : pH meter, Conductivity meter

                ProLine Plus Meters : pH meter, Conductivity meter, pH/Conductivity/Ion/ORP/℃/mV/TDS meter

                Portable Meters : pH meter, Conductivity meter, DO meter

                Flat Surface Meters : pH meter, Conductivity meter, Chlorine meter, ORP meter, DO meter

                Handheld Digital Thermometers, Infrared Thermometers

                Controllers : pH/mV/DO/℃, Conductivity/Resistivity/TDS/℃

                Electrodes/Standards and Solutions

                Turbidity Meters

                Chlorine Meters



                TGA System (Thermogravimetric Analyzer)

               General Lab Equipment, General Lab Accessories     

               Surface Tension Meter, Contact Angle Meter

               Powder Characteristics Measuring Instrument (Fine Particle Characteristics Measuring Instrument)

               Microscope, Thermal Image System

    Contact Information:  E-mail:


   Taipei Office: Chia Yun Instrument Inc.

                            2F, No.12, Sec 1, Zhongxing Rd., Wugu Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan R.O.C.

                           TEL: 886-2-8976 9393         FAX: 886-2-8976 9797


Mainland China


           Rm. 402, No.1671, Kaixuan Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai 200030

           Tel: (021) 5118 6380




South Asia and Australia

   Malaysia Office: Porous Measurement Instrument Sdn. Bhd.

                               Block 4-8-3, Queen's Avenue, Jalan Bayam, Cheras, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

                               TEL : +60-3-42958324