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Automatic Water Vapor Permeability Tester
The test methods cover the determination of water vapor transmission (WVT) of materials through, such as paper, plastic films, PTFE membrane and other sheet materials.
Test dishes filled with distilled water in a controlled dry atmosphere, a constant humidity difference is generated between two sides of the test specimen, the water vapor permeates through the specimen and into the dry side, water vapor transmission rate and other parameters can be obtained by measuring the weight changes of the test dish in different time.
  • Feature:
 § Specification:
lSpecimen chamber: 1
lTest range: 0.1~19,000 g/m2·24h (standard)
lTest accuracy: 0.01 g/m2·24h
lWeighing resolution: 0.0001g
lTemperature range: 15– 60
lTemperature accuracy: ±0.1
lHumidity range: 10%-95%RH, 90%RH (standard)
lHumidity accuracy: ±1%RH
lTest area: 28.26cm2
lSpecimen size: Φ76mm
lSpecimen thickness: ≤ 3mm
lAir flow rate: 0.5~2.5m/s (customization available)
lSystem chamber size: 8L
Automatic Oxygen Permeability Tester
Oxygen permeability tester
AOPT-301 is based on the coulometric sensor method and available for the OTR test of flexible films, sheeting and packages. It can test 3 specimens in one operation with independent results.


ØCoulometric sensor method design
ØFilm and packaging testing
ØOne-button test, fully automatic test
ØMultiple test modes available
ØComputer operation
ØChamber with built-in temperature sensor
ØInternal environment temperature and humidity sensor
ØWide testing range: 0.01-6500 cm3/m2·d (Film)
ØTemperature range: 5 – 95℃
ØHumidity range: 0%RH, 35%RH-90%RH
 § Specification:
OTR Specification
Face Mask
  • Provide the Face mask of PM2.5, Medical mask, N95 mask, Haze protective mask.
  • MIT: 100% made in Taiwan. Three-layer filter mask can effectively block PM2.5 dust in the air, and 3D design help the best self-protection. The outer layer is water repellent, the filtration layer is melt-blown non-woven fabric with high filtration efficiency and low pressure difference.
  • Protection: Anti-Haze Certified CNS15980:2017 Z3039 The performance requirements and test method for PM2.5 mask. Passive smoking, Pollen, Allergens, PM2.5, Exhaust fumes can be effectively blocked.
  • 3D Design & Adjustable Nose Clip: Maximum Protection and Ergonomic Fit and Seal.
  • Breathing valve: Can release heat and moisture. 
  • Comfort:Pro-skin Soft material and flexible Ear-hook can wear comfortably for a long time.
Face Mask   Face Mask Face Mask